Chichén Itzá FIRE

5.00 Ounces
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A lively blend that definitley delivers a firey bite! It has been known to bring tears to the eyes and sweat to the forehead. Having said that, we wanted to take the heat right up to the edge of the volcano..but not fall in. With a nod of appreciation to our Mexican and Mayan neighbors along the Yucatan Peninsula, we selected the classic habanero pepper to be the anchor of this blend.

The heat can strike "muy fuerte" at first, but in true habanero form - dissipates in due time. We feel like we struck the right chord with this blend for the bold and brave...delivering a product to appease the steel palate. A unique blend that delivers the HEAT, yet still allows the classic Texas chili spices to be revealed and savored...never getting lost in the fire.

Texas "Terlingua style" chili spices and seasonings, masa harina, ground tomato powder , onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper , cayenne pepper, ground jalapeño pepper, ground HABANERO pepper, sea salt, cacao pwder, brown sugar and soluble coffee.