Santa Elena HOT

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When we say HOT, we mean it. Whereas in many places and with many products the so-called "HOT" version simply delivers modest heat, this chili blend is indeed HOT. Full stop.

Like all of our blends the HOT version starts with the spices that make up our original blend...then things get kicked up a couple of notches. First, an uptick in heat involving the cayenne pepper...from the typical ~40,000 scovil unit cayenne to a ~70,000 scoville unit variety. Technically speaking this is no longer considered cayenne but rather RED PEPPER...but for practical purposes it is simply a HOTTER variety of cayenne. Second, we introduce a bit of the serrano pepper to the blend for good measure.

Santa Elena HOT brings good solid heat and spice to your palate but nothing crazy. Many Texas chili-loving friends who prefer the heat level of our original medium-blend are still able to enjoy this HOT blend if necessary, but prefer the original medium if given the choice (if that says anything helpful to you in deciding if this blend is right for you)!

Named in part after my grandmother "Eleanor Rose" while also paying tribute to a favorite South Texas ranch where Jeb was priveleged to be guests of over the years. This blend just happens to be his personal favorite.

Texas "Terlingua style" chili spices and seasonings, masa harina, ground tomato powder, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper,  red pepper, ground jalapeño pepper, ground serrano pepper, green chile powder, sea salt, cacao powder, brown sugar and soluble coffee.